The fashion magazine King reports on the first completely white snus in the world.

Stylish King magazine ranks Epok as the world’s trendiest snus. The magazine writes that this is the first completely white snus in the world. It doesn’t stain teeth, doesn’t run and contains less toxins than brown snus. The article also reports that Epok doesn’t need to be refrigerated. The snus maintains its maximum effect, flavour and consistency when stored in room temperature.
King also cites Christian Bauer, Head of Sales at Winnington:

– If I can offer the market a less harmful alternative which also doesn’t stain teeth, I see it as my duty and responsibility to market it.

The magazine writes that the white snus is available in the flavours liquorice, juniper, mint, blueberry, lime, melon and coffee and that a box costs SEK 45 in utility stores and SEK 39 in grocery stores.

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