Blueberry, lime and melon are favourites in Conway, Arkansas, USA

Chad Jones is a blogger and enthusiast who runs as of 2009. Together with like-minded friends he is devoted to informing Americans about the outstanding Swedish snus. As he puts it: ”to help those new to snus learn more about it, and to help those transitioning from American ”SNUS” to the REAL stuff, Swedish Snus”.

Being a snus enthusiast, he has obviously reviewed Epok’s flavours. He was particularly interested in Epok Blueberry. He had never previously tasted blueberry snus and it was a pleasant surprise: “I really enjoyed the taste of this one. The blueberry taste is front and center, very fresh and fruity, and not too sweet. The clean/washed flavor of the white tobacco is present, but I find that the blueberry taste balances it out quite well. This is one that I would definitely order again.”

Chad’s favourites were blueberry, lime and melon. However, he thought they all tasted good but that it is rather just a matter of taste which you like best. He feels that Epok’s white snus with its fresh flavours is an interesting addition to the world of snus.

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