Review by SnusCENTRAL

SnusCENTRAL is an independent website that sells, tests and reviews different types of snus. When our turn came around, the enthusiasts at SnusCENTRAL were thrilled with all the flavors we offer. They said you can really taste the berries in our blueberry snus, and declared our lime sublime for snus users with a sweet tooth. They were over the moon with the realistic coffee flavor, calling it the best they’ve ever tried.

Clearly, the folks at SnusCENTRAL know their snus, and they pull out all the stops in their reviews. The reviewer spent nearly 30 minutes describing all of our varieties, the flavor and scent of each kind and how long the flavor lasts. He also talked a lot about the design of the packaging and the fabulous colors that symbolize each flavor.

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