Snubie tests Epok’s strongest new product!

We’ve just launched our strongest new product – Epok Ice Cool Mint (Strong). It’s a mild, rich, modern mint flavour with rounded hints of butterscotch.

Now the folks at have tested Epok Ice Cool Mint (Strong) and they describe it as a fresh new product.

“People have been asking, ‘When will Epok come out with Epok Strong?’ Well, your prayers have been answered!”

Natural peppermint

Snubie appreciates the genuineness of the fresh scent.

“The aroma that comes through is a crisp, clean, clear mint smell. It’s closer to peppermint than spearmint, but also smells a lot like natural mint.” Snubie says.

They also like the flavour and the portion size.

“There is a nice cooling sensation you experience when you put the portion in and the flavour comes on pretty quickly,” say the folks at Snubie, who definitely recommend trying the new Strong.

“If you like minty snus, this is one I’d suggest trying out,” Snubie concludes.


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